Company Data and It’s Obstacles

The data my company used, and the obstacles associated with using it.

Recently, I worked for a stone company where they fabricate stones such as quartz and granite. There, they collect data such as products sold, billing information, shipping information, products purchased, measurements, and much more. All this data is used in different ways.

When using data about products sold and products purchased, it is something that is updated and utilized daily. Inventory needs to be updated and sales made need to be entered into the database to see how much is left and how much was sold. This helps me know how much I need to order to restock, how much the company has made off the sale of the items and much more.

As for billing and shipping information, this is also used daily. This information is collected in the company database for each customer/client and is used for future orders, for shipping products to the customers, and for where to send invoices when purchases are made.

One important factor in the company is the use of QuickBooks. This program allows for all the information to be stored in one location. The information in QuickBooks includes customer information, such as billing and shipping information, customer email and phone number, and any notes about their preferences. Additionally, it serves as a place where you can see all the purchases the customer has made, whether it was a product or a service, and how the payment was made.

Some obstacles that come with using all this data, however, is it can get confusing. This is especially when there are a lot of people working in the same program. Other employees may not be able to find the customer/client using the information entered by another employee and may create an entirely new customer account without realizing.

One way this could be overcome is by having a system where something that does not change often (like a phone number) is used instead of the person’s name. The phone number would be linked directly to the person’s account and could even be used in the company to send advertisements or sale opportunities through text.

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