Connecting to Customers

In any company, marketing is understandably one of the most important parts in ensuring the survival and success of businesses. While there are many different purposes of marketing, the most important is to connect. Customers can buy the same product from many different places and many different companies, which is why a business needs to understand hire to connect with their audience. Connecting to customers is beneficial because it shows businesses what they need to work on and how they should be to make their sales.

By connecting with to customers, the business is able to be more personable and likable to buyers. When the customer feels like the business actually cares about their well-being and about making the customer happy, it makes the customer more willing to buy from and more connected to the brand. “Much marketing communication is designed for the purpose of engaging target audiences with the brand and product, as well as with each other” (“The Many Purposes of Marketing Communication” by Anthony Miyazaki). In order to connect to your customers, you should ensure that there is a certain level of communication and trust. By establishing this, you will be able to gain their respect and have them purchase your products more than once.

Another important aspect of connecting with the audience is creating a community. By building a community, customers themselves are able to help the brand market. The communities create “low-cost communication channels, aid in answering customer inquiries, and build loyalty that moves beyond loyalty to the
brand and toward loyalty to the brand community.” By connecting to customers, you are able to make changes to your brand/company that will be beneficial and profitable.

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