Data Points VS. Data Insights: What Is The Difference?

Looking deeper into the differences behind what a data point is and what data insights are.

When doing market research, you must be able to make sense of the data you gathered. By turning qualitative data into quantitative data, you can find some answers to some of your questions. The more data that you collect, the more possible it is to lose track of what you are really trying to answer. One thing you may want to look at when evaluating your data are data points and data insights.

Data Points vs. Data Insights

A data point can be described as a single piece of information. This information can be categorical or metric and measure a variable at a specific point in time. This provides very little value to the researcher. If you collect several data points that are generalizable, they can be combined to conduct analyses on. The analyses can be summarizing central tendency, regressions, correlation tests, etc. “Derived findings are known as insights that could potentially be significant enough to alter your current strategy.”

Overall, data points are specific to one variable at one specific time and the combination of these data points can be combined and analyzed to generate insights for your organization. These data insights are normally geared towards answering your research question.

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