How to Keep and Maintain Audience Trust

In a world where trust is lacking, it is important to know what to do to gain your audience’s

In a world where there is so little trust among individuals, it is important for marketers to find a way to earn and keep their audience’s trust if they want to maintain a long-lasting and beneficial relationship and customer. As per the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, “trust in the U.S. CEOs is at 47%, and credibility has basically hit rock bottom in Japan (18%) and France (22$) as consumers wake up to the indignities and absurdities of unfettered capitalism.” Additionally, it has been found that age plays a factor. Older adults are more brand conscious while younger adults are more process conscious. Marketers can use this to find how to develop their brand credibility with the audiences as they continue to evolve.

“Be honest with me”

One surefire way to gain your target audiences trust is to avoid over spinning the information. “53% of respondents believe that business leaders have a duty to fill the information void left by the news media”

While you may think that it is possible to fool your audience, you must know that it is much more difficult than you think. Your credibility is one of the main things that you should focus on as a marketer because it will outweigh short term gains or losses. For example, if you tell your audience something that is not true and was simply to get them to make a purchase with your company, you may have gotten their money once, but have lost them as a long-term customer. Therefore, you have lost out on long term gains and a relationship with more than one customer. you must be conscious of keeping your message free of embellishment as it can be beneficial with the public and keeps you from having to deal with potential PR issues that may arise from lies being caught.

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Similarly, another way to gain your target audience’s trust is to steer clear of half-truths. Like over spinning information, half-truths can cause your audience to lose complete trust in you. for example, Pfizer has been in the minds of many people since COVID was running rampant in the US. Back in 2006, Pfizer was in the news for creating an ad campaign with Robert Jarvik as the face of it. Jarvik was determined to not be licensed to practice medicine and has never actually practiced medicine. This makes people lose their trust in Pfizer and makes Pfizer lose their money. In the audience’s eye, omission is like lying. If you are saying something that requires you to leave something out, do not use it. Consumers will trust you more and forgive you if you are vulnerable about when you do happen to omit information and are open about it with them. “Being vulnerable about where you have fallen short in the past suggests honesty, which sits at the foundation of consumer trust, brand affinity, and long-term engagement.”

Make sure everyone is on the same page

One of the final ways to gain trust from your audience is to regularly check on what the consumers are picking up and if it is like what you are trying to convey to them. A good way to do this would be to look at your customer engagement and make sure to respond if something is said by a consumer who was not happy or has a question or even if they are simply saying something nice about your company. This shows that you care about what they have to say whether it is good or bad and that you are willing to talk to your consumers instead of being closed off. This also ensures that you are up to date on what people think about your brand and that you can stay on top of controversy.

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