Marketing + Sales: Avoiding Misalignment

It is vital for a company’s  sales and marketing teams to be aligned in any company. When the two departments are misaligned, it can lead to slower and more difficult steps in every task done together. Misalignment can cause your company’s money to be lost or missed out on. If a sales team does not communicate with the marketing team, it can cause the marketing team to fail to create suitable content and campaigns for their target audience. Similarly, if the marketing department does not communicate with the sales department, salespeople may not be able to offer proper solutions to buyers which will lower customer satisfaction and, therefore, lose buyers and revenue.

 In either case, it is clear that misalignment between the two departments leads to “fewer sales and less revenue for the organization (“Are Your Marketing and Sales Teams on the Same Page?” by Kelsey Raymond).” In order to avoid misalignment between the two departments, you can do a few things. For example, department shadowing “can ensure that your sales and marketing teams are aligned. It can also spark topic ideas for great sales enablement content.” In doing so, each department is able to be more equipped to handle their daily tasks. Additionally, brainstorming sessions could be effective in correcting misalignment. These sessions would be beneficial in finding where there are cracks and flaws in both department’s strategies.

Overall, misalignment between the sales and marketing departments can cause money to be lost and missed out on. It is vital for a company to understand what can fix it and have the two teams share objectives. 

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