Qualitative or Quantitative?

What questions you should be asking to get either qualitative or quantitative data.

When doing market research, you should look at the kind of information you are trying to gather, and which types of data would be most beneficial to collect. Two kinds of information you could gather for your research is qualitative or quantitative data. While these both require you asking your target audience a set of questions, these questions will vary greatly.

Qualitative Questions

Qualitative data requires questions that help you gain an understanding of the audience’s reasons and motivations behind something. Usually, it is asked to a small group of people and is not statistical at all. When looking for this kind of data, you would ask questions such as Why? How come? Why do you feel this way? How did you come to this opinion? What steps did you take to arrive to this conclusion?

Quantitative Questions

Quantitative data, on the other hand, requires asking questions that help to quantify data and generalize the results. In looking for this data, you are really looking for something you can analyze and graph—something you can physically put on paper and look at. For this kind of data, you would normally ask a larger group and you would ask questions more directed towards numbers. These questions include how many of this product have you purchased before? How many brands do you know? How much time have you spent on this per day? How many people are in this group? And so much more.

In all, it is important to figure out what specific kind of data you are looking for, so you know exactly what to ask when you go out to get it.

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