Running Google Ads? Or running from them?

Advice for those who may be starting out with Google Ads

When starting my Master’s program, I could not wait to start running Google Ads and learning how to work with it. Although I seemed scary, I was so excited to see just how easy it could be to get my information to the people I wanted it to reach. As I got further in, I realized that it was a little more complicated than I thought.

When I first created my Ad Campaign on Google Ads, there were so many different options of the kind of ad I wanted to run and how much I wanted to put into it, who I wanted it to reach and where, and more! What I did not realize was how complex it really is.

When running a Google Ad, the first thing you need to have is TIME. Starting that kind of project last minute is not advisable and may be frightening. You need to make sure that you have given yourself enough time to have your campaign reviewed by Google, time to make sure your ads are ready for people to see, time to figure out issues that may arise on your Google Ads account, etc. For example, when making my Google Ads, I ran into an issue with the payment where my account ended up being suspended and it was a rush against the clock to get someone from Google to unsuspend my account! Having time is the key factor to making sure you can run your Google Ads and run them well.

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