The EOS Process to Aligning Company Values

When you have any company, there is a leadership team. This is the group that includes chief executive officer, vice president, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, etc. With any group, there may be varying ideas of where the company is going and what to do. It is important to meet with your leadership team to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Using the EOS process outlined in, we can see what your leadership team should discuss.

1. Core Values

The core values are all the components that define and make up the leadership team, the company, and the company’s culture.

2. Core Focus

Where do you excel? The leadership team must agree on what it is at the core of their company and what they need to make sure they are always doing right. They need to make sure that their core focus is exactly that, focused. It cannot stray from the main idea they want to accomplish and enforce.

3. 10 Year Target

This is the overriding goal you are working toward. The team must decide what it is that they are trying to achieve in the long run and how they are going to achieve it.

4. Marketing Strategy

This key question forces the leadership team to ask themselves “what is the target market? What are the unique products we are selling/offering? What is going to be our process for doing business with our customers? What is our guaranteed promise to our customers?”

5. 3 Year Picture

This question is asking the team to picture what their revenue, profit, and measurable goals are and will look like in the next 3 years and how they are going to be able to pull them off.

6. 1 Year Plan

What are we trying to accomplish within the next year and what must get done to accomplish these goals. Like the 3-year plan, the team must look at and list their revenue, profit, and measurable goals for the next year so they can create a plan on how they will make them happen.

7. Quarterly Rocks

The quarterly rocks are what must get done in the next 90 days to make the 1-year plan happen, to put you on track for the 3-year picture to become a reality, and for the 10-year target to eventually be met.

8. Issues

This final question makes the leadership team take a deep look at what the obstacles, barrier, ideas, and opportunities are for the company as they move forward. This is a crucial step because they need to make sure they can figure out what is stopping them from meeting their goals sooner and what they need to work on to make sure they can reach all the goals they have set for themselves.

When going through these 8 key questions with your leadership team, you must make sure that the whole team can come to an agreement on each of their answers. If there is discourse, there needs to be a discussion to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Once everyone is on the same page, then can the goals be tackled in ways that everyone is going to be satisfied with and will be able to help with.

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